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Mother and baby are more like one than two; it makes no sense to care for them separtely during the first year.


First Year

First Year is a very special program designed to continue support throughout the first year after birth for both mom and baby. It is sheer madness to try an address an issue one is having, without considering the other; mom and baby are so intertwined in this time, they must be considered together.

In first year program, you come with your baby for wellness visits around 3, 6, 9, and 12 month that are intuitive, dynamic and mother led. You have continued soft-call support and access to your midwife by cell phone for emergencies and urgent concerns. The program includes access to our private apothecary, and custom formulas as needed. We will make goals together, talk about milestones, sleep, nutrition, and baby health. 

This program is unique to Bravely Born, and is one of our best values!

We do limit the number of participants to optimize care, so request your spot today!

Cost: $1,300 per duo for the entire year
OR 2 payments of $650

Families using our Homebirth Package get $200 off!

How We Got Started

Over the years we have noticed that most women birthing in America lack support. Community members often prioritize the baby and the mother is unintentionally left neglected and in need of nurturing. The medical system nurtures neither baby nor mom and both are left with separate appointments offering quick fixes that neglect the root issues. Education around breastfeeding, tongue tie, and the baby’s emotional needs is lacking across the board, and doctors are trapped in short visits focused on vaccinations and growth charts due to policies and malpractice insurance. We have been educated by mothers, our own children, and years of supporting mom + baby pairs. Our program looks at each individual mom + baby pair; taking the time to listen to the mother about her observations, concerns, and goals and then offering intuitive, whole-istic encouragement and solutions. We do not use, prescribe, or recommend any harmful or potentially harmful substances, but teach moms about truly natural solutions that work.

It is so hard to find a truly whole-istic care program for young babies. Look no further, join our family today.

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