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Prepare your body, mind, and life for birth and parenthood.

Preconception + Fertility

One of the most common questions I hear is how can I best prepare for pregnancy? My answer is Cellular Revival. We all carry toxins, traumas, and stressors throughout our life, and these are silently affecting our health. For some it is minimal, and for others it can lead to infertility, auto-immune, thyroid disease, weight gain, inflammation, and other illnesses.

During pregnancy, we pass on toxins like heavy metals and mold, and pathogens like lymes to our children. One of the best thing you can to do balance hormones, increase fertility, and reduce the toxic load on your future baby is to detox properly now. I would love to help you on this journey with a comprehensive, customized detox program that includes biohacking, fasting and feasting for your hormones, gut health, metals + mold detox, and advanced pathogens protocols. You will also get access to labs, custom herbals, world class supplements, and ultrasound. 

Hugging by the Beach

Your Journey to your healthiest pregnancy begins here.

As an experienced midwife an herbalist, I have explored and employed many approaches to fertility and health. I have found my place here, and the work I truly believe in. I believe that empowering and equipping parents with intuitive, safe, and effective strategies for pregnancy, parenting, detox, and health is one of the most important things I will do in my time. Raising my own boys to live a low-tox, intuitive life, I can assure you that the value in this program is infinite, and eternal, I only wish I had known how to detox prior to conception. We can't fulfill our God-given destiny's if we are sick, tired, and burnt out. Our world is secretly poisonings us mind, body, and soul; but we don't have to live that way.

 In our preconception program you will have access to labs, ultrasounds, custom herbals, and of course world class supplements and detox products. Detox is not only the best way to prepare your body for birth, it is the best way to prepare your mind for parenthood. As a society we have become so disconnected with our own bodies. Surrounded by toxins and fake food, we have become somewhat passive and subject to hidden toxins and their deadly effects. In our program you will learn how to identify harmful toxins, how to avoid them, and how to teach your children the skills to live a low-tox, healthy life so they can fulfill their maximum potential. 

"As a mom of two young children, I am inspired to give my clients the very best. I have searched high and low how to truly get to the bottom of the common health issues I see today. So many women are struggling with fertility, thyroid, auto-immune, weight loss resistance, brain fog, fatigue, and hormone dysregulation. Their guts are a mess and they struggle to enjoy pregnancy and parenting, times that should be challenging but beautiful. I feel called to help change that. Let's get to the source tighter, prepare your body and return to vitality for a vibrant, intuitive pregnancy and parenting. The toxic overload has left us without much remedy- conventional methods don't work, they make things worse. Ancient methods like herbs and diet alone are safe and helpful, but most of us are struggling too deeply with toxins for them to get safely to the source. I'm humbled and thankful to have found a way through, and I hope you'll come with me."

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