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Our Team

Meet the gals who make the magic happen!

"Kelsey showed me what it means to operate from love, not fear.
Having the loving care and guidance from Kelsey was a universal blessing. She has birthed two babies of her own in power, love, respect, trust and intimacy, Kelsey is a force of wisdom and bright light from the source."


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From Kelsey:: 

“Birth has captured me. I feel at home next to a woman in labor; the most bewildering sense of awe, respect, and victory next to a mom holding her new baby. I believe that God has designed me for this work; to be an intuitive, compassionate, strong, and truth-bearing servant to the women of our world. I believe that every woman should be treated with dignity, respect, and trust during their childbearing year; that they should be thoroughly celebrated, and that they should have access to the highest quality of maternity care. I hold a high value in life for midwifery in the traditional sense. While I primarily consider myself a spiritual midwife, I have also committed myself to be trained, skilled, humble, and ever learning so that I can give women the same care that I want to receive. I feel well equipped to be both a hands-off supportive witness, or to jump in with quiet, respectful, fine tuned skill when a complication or need arises. Excellent midwifery care nurtures the body, mind, spirit, and soul; and promotes growth in both the mother and the midwife. Excellent midwifery care changes the nations one woman at a time. If you wish to nurture a nation, nurture it's women.

In 2016 I had the opportunity to work as a midwife with refugees from the Syrian and Afghan conflicts. This has deeply impacted and inspired me. I have dreams to reach the women of the world through midwifery care, from the U.S. to the Middle East and back. There is a never-ending need for midwives, and I hope to be a part of training up women from countries in need who have hearts to serve and will go back home to work in their communities. This is how we can save lives, and love well: through the compassionate and skilled hands of wise women serving women. I am certain that the future holds more of this work for me; but for now I'm delighted to use my skills and passion in Central Oregon, loving my family and yours!”

From Sinead: 

The practice of Midwifery is the light of my life. Where I have studied, found mentors and programs that have deepened my understanding of birth and mothers and babies, my biggest teachers have been mothers themselves. I believe birth to be a time of transformation; a deepening into life itself, a moment of having your own private conversation with God. Watching mothers go to the depths and bring there babies in is the highest privilege I have held. 


I am a traditional midwife. I have studied through the lens of birth as an undisturbed and spiritual event. And so my philosophy stands as this : Birth is not a pathology. Women were designed to give birth the same way humans were designed to breathe. It is a natural occurring phenomenon that gets interrupted all to often. I feel proud to work along side one of my mentors, Kelsey Spanbauer of Bravely Born, as we help create a safe space to let birth unfold in all of its beauty and variation. And when complications arise, we tend to them swiftly and gently.


I you haven’t figured it out by now, I think birth is a miracle and one of the coolest things ever. And I am so SO happy to be here.

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