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Hormones are not the problem, They are a symptom 

Fertility and Infertility Care

We are now offering a high caliber fertility program. It has been birthed from the same intuitive and holistic philosophy as our famous 5 star homebirth program, and is swaddled in the same compassionate, skilled, and excellent expertise. 

Kelsey, our senior midwife, herbalist, and certified cellular healing coach has over ten years of experience, and has dedicated herself to studying and mastering these topics. 

This is different than everything you've tried before. 

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Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy Test

Remove the source and your body will heal. 

We are sick of watching our beloved mamas spend tens of thousands of dollars on treatments that don't get to the source. Conventional fertility treatments and providers are stuck in a rut of managing symptoms. It is an expensive, ineffective, and potentially harmful path.

The reality is, they just don't know about cellular health.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Hormones are not the problem, they are a symptom.

Heal your cells to open the door to fertility 

Truth #1: When our cells are overburdened with toxins they don't create enough energy and start to die prematurely. The body is really wise, and it's #1 goal is to survive. When cells suffer, the body starts to close the door to fertility. Healing the cells can open the door and increase your chance of pregnancy. 

Truth #2: When our cells our inflamed and damaged they can’t receive the hormones needed for fertility or their messages. Hormone dysregulation is a symptom of cellular distress and can lead to infertility. When you heal your cells, your hormones start to balance and the innate wisdom of the body starts to take over.

Truth #3: Hidden toxins and infections can prevent pregnancy. The body is extremely good at adapting; but it was never meant to deal with certain things like heavy metals and mold. The body can't detox these things on it's own and their presence can lead to infertility and difficulty dealing with infections like Lymes Disease.  Finding and removing hidden toxins makes it possible to deal with tricky hidden infections, and true healing begins. 

Pregnant Woman on Couch

Learn More 

Visit our Fertility page to schedule your call with Kelsey and discover how she can help you on your journey to motherhood. 

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