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Why choose Bravely Born? We know your children deserve the very best.


Today our children face more stressors than anytime in history. If toxins, traumas, fake food and societal stressors weren't enough to make our kids sick, they also are faced with a healthcare system that is not only lacking, but often harmful.


At Engedi, we thoughtfully design custom wellness plans for each child. Our children's programs can be used in conjunction with a pediatrician, or as an alternative to modern pediatrics in most cases. We help parents to create goals for their children's health; empowering them to be more independent and confident in meeting their individual needs.


Our programs are what we call whole-istic. This means that every plan takes into consdieration their spiritual, physical, AND emotional health. We do not recommended or use any harmful substances, only programs and products that are gentle, safe, and effective. We offer weight checks, nutritional counseling, updates on upcoming milestones, and problem solving. We offer whole-istic support for chronic health issues as well as general wellness coaching. Our master herbalist will recommend or create custom herbal products for your child if and when it is needed. Custom herbal products for kids include herbal cough syrup, immune support, natural first aid, ADHD support, digestive support, emotional support, sleep support, or nutritional support. Your membership will include optional sick or wound care visits. These can be used at your discretion to call or consult regarding fevers, illnesses and whole-istic treatments for them, or minor wound care including 1st and 2nd degree burns, sprains, or assessment for stitches if appropriate. 


There are two different levels, basic, and gold. These differ primarily in access; gold allows you cell phone access and weekend/next day sick visits when possible. Basic level includes business day sick/wound care visits.

If you are looking for a wellness program that will transform your child's wellness from the inside out, a practitioner that will listen, watch, and thoughtfully respond with effective solutions, or an affordable alternative to modern pediatrics, you found it!


Children's Wellness

Holistic, ethical, intuitive, goal oriented care for all the littles

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