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Your gut is your second brain,

In Master Your Gut Health, you will work with Kelsey to learn and master the tools you need to take control of your health, and regain your vitality. Many people these days struggle with gut health. It could be gas, bloating, food sensitivities, IBS, Chron’s, leaky gut, eczema, psoriasis, or even thyroid problems. Master Your Gut Health is a whole-istic wellness program designed by Kelsey Spanbauer, Midwife and Master Herbalist. Her method incorporates nutritional counseling, customized diet plans, gut testing, spiritual and mental exercises, as well as custom herbals made specific for you. To learn more, keep reading, or sign up here:

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Our guts are the cornerstone of our health. A happy gut is linked to a normal, functioning immune system, our skin, our mood, brain, energy, cellular health and function, mitochondrial health, and obviously our digestion and elimination. When the gut slips out of balance, inflammation slowly wreaks havoc throughout the entire body. We may not notice it at first, and if we are not aware we may be in a chronic state of inflammation before we notice symptoms. Our busy lives, spiritual and emotional imbalances, sugar, screen, caffeine and instant gratification addictions make it easy to miss or avoid warning signs from within. Our modern world presents us, especially those of us who are parents in this time with unique challenges. With toxins all around us, fad diets, fake chemical food, and quick fixes, how do we navigate these issues for ourselves and our children? We need to reconnect with our bodies. We were not designed for restrictive diets, difficult digestion, or chronic disease. We were created for freedom and fullness of life. This program is a holistic (spirit, body, soul) approach to addressing the dysfunction in our guts. Together, we will be reconnecting with our bodies to listen, nourish, restore, and rebalance in order to bring vitality back to our body.
Our intestines are lined by a single wall of cells. These cells are meant to fit tightly together, keeping this part of our digestive system OUTSIDE our body. That’s right, technically our digestive system is outside the body. This protects the delicate balances required for optimal function within. If the single cell lining of the intestines is repeatedly damaged by stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, toxic or fake foods, alcohol, prescription drugs, or environmental toxins, particles, proteins, and toxins that were meant to stay OUTSIDE the body, will sometimes leak through the cells- entering the INSIDE of the body where they do not belong. This causes our immune system to alarm, triggering inflammation. Acute inflammation in short bursts in response to sickness or stress is a healthy thing, but if the immune system gets switched to ‘on’ and becomes stuck ‘on’, a state of chronic inflammation begins. Over time, our mitochondria stop functioning normally, and our cells cannot create the energy they (or we) need. Our mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells, so when they decline we struggle with fatigue, the ability to focus, the elimination of toxins and the ability to sleep. We may have indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, candida overgrowth, yeast infections, or even IBS. Nutrients cannot be well absorbed in an inflammatory state, so we become deficient in important nutrients, especially vitamin D, iron, minerals, and B vitamins. Food sensitivities or allergies

may develop, celiac disease, SIBO, autoimmune diseases, thyroid issues, ulcers, mood disorders, autism, or even Parkinson’s disease are linked to leaky gut. In short, it isn’t JUST digestion. Your gut is the gateway to the body, and it’s imbalance is bad news that only gets worse without correction. The good news is, your body is designed to heal. It WANTS to heal. Together, we will spend the next nine months taking some specific steps to return the delicate balance that will restore your vitality.

Not all gut health issues begin with leaky gut, sometimes we have SIBO, or dysbiosis, or candida overgrowth and a relatively intact gut lining. If left unchecked, these micro biome imbalances may become leaky gut and lead to worsening issues. While this program mostly discusses leaky gut, it is beneficial for any gut health issue and the herbal products and diet can be adjusted with Kelsey to meet your specific needs.

Moving Forward

Most of the steps I recommend to heal your gut will be done in your home, during your meals, and in your way of thinking. You will be asked to keep a journal about how you are thinking, what you are eating, how you feel after you are eating, the herbs you are taking and what you notice with them. This does not have to be detailed, but you should write down enough specific things to be able to track your progress, and identify areas where we need to make adjustments.

Phase 1: REMOVE harmful thoughts, foods, toxins. Examine lifestyle habits, reduce stress, and improve sleep!

Phase 2: REPLACE harmful foods, thoughts, and toxins with foods that reduce inflammation, thoughts that heal your brain and body. Add herbs designed just for you to reduce inflammation and begin healing your gut!

Phase 3: REPAIR the gut lining. Let’s rebuild that protective barrier. Custom herbals and guidance here are priceless! During this phase you may do an additional protocol to deal with harmful bacteria or perhaps do a parasite cleanse if that applies to you. A parasite cleanse is typically recommended during this phase. To learn more visit our master parasite cleanse page. MYGH participants receive a discount of $100.

Phase 4: REBALANCE the microbiome. 

Phase 5: REGULATE the body. The final phase of our program together will focus on integrating what you have learned into your daily life, exploring and reviewing your progress, and reintroducing some healthy foods that we excluded earlier on.

This process in full may take years, and at least months, so be patient! You will exit the program with a maintenance care plan. While I do believe this process is possible with nutrition and healthy lifestyle balance, herbs can make the process quicker and easier. That being said, good, real food is essential. Herbs alone will not be enough, so please follow the dietary guidelines the best you can! Your initial meeting with Kelsey will be used partly to create a plan that is doable for you.

While I cant guarantee results for anyone, this program does work! I have used this to reverse leaky gut in my own body, and eliminate food allergies for myself and my children! if you put yourself into it, you will see results!

Pricing: $1,600 per person: INCLUDES custom herbs + basic supplements needed for the 6 month program. Additional supplements or protocols may be needed for certain issues but should't add significant expense. 
Buddy sharing: Bring a buddy and you can share another $350 off!
Parasite Cleanse: Save $100 on a parasite cleanse during MYGH!
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