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Our postpartum pamper pack has your back. Feel your best in the early days with the following:


1x 5.5 oz Custom Flower Sitz Bath: Soothing, healing, and styptic bath specifically desinged for healing those most sensitive places and wounds postpartum. 


1x  1 oz Womb Calm Tincture: Formulated by our master herbalist to gently tone the postparutm uterus and nomralize postparutm bleeding while soothing those pesky after cramps. 


1x Lady Bits Salve: Formultated by our master midwife, this all purpose salve soothes, heals, and protects your nipples, vaginal area, bottom, and other sensitive areas. It is suited for healing sore, infected nipples, prevening thrush, as an all purpose, nipple butter, hemorrhoid cream, and vaginal wound-healing salve! All ingredients are safe for baby and it does not need to be wiped off before breastfeeding.


1x 2 oz Lion Heart Tincture: Motherwort is long known for it's anti-anxiety, heart protective properties. It is supportive of postparum mood stabilization, anxiety, feelings of overwhelm, and difficulty sleeping.

Postpartum Pamper Pack

  • Herbal prodcuts are non-refundable. An unopened Pamper package can be exchanged for $109 of apothecary credit to the Engedi Apothecary. 

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