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Have a phone call with our master herbalist, and recieve your own formulation thoghtfully designed just for you. 


This is best for minor complaints like anxiety support, insomnia, focus, stamina, or indigestion, gas or bloating. 


You do not have to be in a membership program for a custom formulation, phone calls typiclally last about 15 minutes and products are prepared next business day. For next day products, you can pay a rush order fee of $20.

Custom Formulation Consult

  • This product is non-refundable

  • By purchasing this product you agree to all membership application terms and understand that our herbalists or staff are not diagnosing, treating, or giving medical advice. We use our experience and knowledge to create formulas that we believe to be safe and helpful in nourshing the body and supporting certain discomforts or issues. You take responsiblity to test the product for sensitivity by placing a small amount on the inside of your arm before taking internally or using exterally on a larger area. You are responsible to follow recommended usage, dosage, and any guidelines provided. We cannot be held liable for any adverse effects, which can happen. We do not guarantee any outcome from our prodcuts, but do work hard to do our best making sure that we create an effective master formula for you. We are not doctors, and do not offer any prescriptions, diagnsoes, or treatments to cure disease. 

    Herbal procuctsa are not regulated by the FDA and these statemnts have not been arppoved by the FDA. 

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